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Solms-Delta Site Tour

Solms-Delta Site Tour

The story we were told about the history of Solms-Delta has more depth than I can express here. The vineyard hosts an archaeological excavation of slave homes from the late 17th century, a museum, and visitors center. In 2001 Mark Solms established the Solms Delta Wine Estate. With support from the South African government the wine estate became an enterprise of shared ownership. Families that have lived and worked on the farm for generations are now stakeholders in the business.

Group photo at Solms-Delta

Our group toured the historic site and enjoyed a picnic style lunch with three wine tastings to accompany the meal. Historic vineyards make for some of the best site tours because of the unforgettable hospitality. This venture is an interesting case study of land restitution in South Africa. Can we look to similar models to rectify land disputes in other places? For more information about Solms-Delta click here to visit their website

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