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Nichodimas Cooper

Nichodimas Cooper is a Nama native and citizen of Botswana from Lokgwabe village in Kgalagadi district. He is a direct descendant of the late Chief Simon Kooper who fled from the then German South West Africa, now Namibia from 1905 during the German inflicted genocidal wars and found refuge in Botswana. He is a volunteer Public Relations Personnel for BW Nama Development Trust in which Nama people in Botswana subscribe to for a collective voice with regards language restoration, cultural revival, heritage advocacy and community empowerment. He is a Co – Founding Member of BW Nama Development Trust & Co., and organiser of the annual events as envisioned by the Trust objectives since 2017. As a researcher, he has researched on the movements of Simon Cooper & his followers including other general Nama Chiefs pre & post-colonial period. He is the lead researcher on COOPER & ERCKERT Research Expedition Exercise based on the “Kalahari Expedition of 1908” through the Trust since 2018. His work involves advocacy in heritage and genocide issues about injustices done towards Nama People in Botswana.

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